Our museum

In 1984 students, graduates and chieves of Laboratory ctreated the Marine Ecology Museum. The maintenance of Museum is supported by scientific collections (over 15000 items) and Laboratorie's library, which contains about 1500 scientific and popular scientific books and papers. At present we have over 5000 exhibit.

It's important, that all expositions in museum are hand made by members of Laboratory and graduates. The main subjects of exhibition are:
The Ocean, Flora and Fauna of Russian seas, The use of ocean resources and ocean engeneering, Methods of Sea's researching. Many stands narrate about White sea, the main place for our expedition. In the Museum we give excursions and special studies. In fact, our students become the guides themselves!

Marine Ecology Museum plays the big role at our education. Students makes the exhibits project from very beginning to constructing at the end and realize the heart of some ecological problems. Also they learning to present it to others.

Museum exhibitions and collections are used for special lessons with accesory pupils in the context of programm "Nature by own eyes"