The History of LMBE

The Laboratory of Marine Benthos Ecology (LMBE) developed from club of pupils, which was founded in 1962 by E.A. Ninburg at the Zoological Museum in Leningrad. The Laboratory couldn't be without care of brilliant zoologist, D.V. Naumov, who was the chief of Museum at that time. The initiator of changing from just circle of students to the scientific laboratory was outstanding entomologist A.S. Danilevskiy. He uttered, that preparing the future researchers needs their integration in real science. This became our general principle.

In 1983 at the Palace of Youth Creativity in Saint-Petersburg was created the Laboratory of Hydrobiology. The chieves of it were N.M. Naumova, N.Y. Masharskaya and D.Sh. Dvorginskiy.

In 1992 LMBE and the Laboratory of Hydrobiology were united. At present we have two researchers groups. First of it is leaded by A. Poloskin and D. Aristov, the second is leaded by E. Ninburg and V. Khaitov.