The educational programm includes two levels. At the beginning our freshmen study the basics of zoology, botany and hydrobiology. At excursions and during the special practice, children investigate the diversity of Leningrad region's flora and fauna. On spring we go to the country side for several days for the field practice. Students have an opportunity to understand correlations between theory and practice and to build real field scientific camp.

The second part of programm is the work in researching groups. Students investigate the life of animals and plants and do their own research.

At the same time, various theoretical and practical courses are given (the list of courses see below)

The human biology: evolutionary point of view (V. Khaitov, 2003)
Talking about animals etology (D. Aristov, 2002)
General ecology (A. Poloskin, 1998, 2002)
Music from the etologist's point of view (D. Aristov, 2003)
The science technology (A. Poloskin, 2003)
Selected chapters of marine hydrobiology (D. Nikolaeva, E. Genelt-Yanovsky, 2003)
Biology of the White Sea (A. Poloskin, E. Ninburg, 1998)
Bio-logic (V. Khaitov, 2001, 2002)
Maths methods in ecology (V. Khaitov, 1999, 2000)
Russian seas (A. Poloskin, 1999)